Empowering Families and Childcare Providers with Better Solutions


Our Mission

Our Mission at Happiest Nanny is to help grow better humans! We believe the key to fulfilling this mission is by assisting families with a simplified journey to find the perfect nanny for their home and, most importantly, their children. The team at Happiest Nanny has experienced the challenges with finding the best, personalized, affordable childcare and is passionate about solving this problem for nannies and families alike. When our search to find a solution in the market came up short, we decided to take it upon ourselves to solve the problem with an intuitive application that intelligently pairs families with nannies.


Our Process

The Happiest Nanny process is designed to match families with nannies that will have the highest likelihood of success in meeting their individual needs. Complimenting this is a streamlined screening process, free background checks, and all legal and compliance handled for both sides. This allows all focus on pairing the right nanny with the household and children's development and growth goals. Where you're a provider looking for your next role, a family in need of childcare, or an individual who is looking for a better way to manage the nanny-family relationship, the Happiest Nanny App is the solution for YOU!


Our Core Values


Simplifying the process of pairing families and nannies as well as the ongoing relationship and experience thereafter


Treating all families, nannies, and children in the utmost caring way, as if they were all a part of our family


Instilling trust, security, honesty, and the information needed to make the best decisions


We are happy and eager to serve, strive for smiles, and live by the golden rule: treating others as you want to be treated


Meet our team

Bojan Stevović
Head of Product, Cofounder

Bojan Stevović

For over a decade, Bojan has pursued the entrepreneurial path, with a mission to better the world around him. With Happiest Nanny, both goals came together: "Having the opportunity to work with people who love what they do, pursue a common goal, and make this world a better place through the improvement of our younger generations, is a dream come true."

Christina Palmerino
Head of Happiness, Cofounder

Christina Palmerino

Christina is a widely renowned and respected Coach. As a mom of 3 herself, she has a deep understanding of how important it is to have a nanny who helps your child meet every milestone. Under her supervision, the Happiest Nanny chooses professional childcare providers who are developmentally focused.


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