50 Ways to Thank Your Nanny In 2022

A nanny is much more than just a caregiver. Work schedules being what they are, oftentimes the nanny is the one that ...

A nanny is much more than just a caregiver. Work schedules being what they are, oftentimes the nanny is the one that spends much of the waking time with our children. So, when you find a good one, you certainly want to make sure they are happy. And there are many little things you can do throughout the year to make sure they remain that way.

The key is to take little moments or tokens to show them they are appreciated. Here are some suggestions to get the creative juices flowing, but feel free to combine or make any of them your own. Here are at least 50 ways to thank your nanny in 2022.

Monetary Ways to Thank Nanny

Some of the more popular, and simple ways to thank your nanny involve spending some money.

  1. One such option is to give them a “Just Because” Bonus. No one can deny, that cold, hard cash is a great way to show appreciation, especially since it allows your nanny to use it on anything.
  2. A gift card is one of the more obvious monetary tokens, but the key here is to find something that shows you paid attention. Choose a gift card that reflects:
    • something your nanny likes, like coffee
    • something your nanny does, like reading
    • or something your nanny needs, like a gas card
  3. Sometimes, buying something as simple as their favorite donut and coffee can add a smile to their morning.
  4. Or, why not be creative by randomly offering to pay for one of their bills. This is best, of course, in cases where the nanny is close to the family. However, to avoid any awkwardness, you could simply give an envelope with cash, and include a note with your thoughts on how to use it.
  5. Another creative option involving money is to have flowers or an Edible Arrangement sent to their home on their day off. What a great surprise that will definitely have them smiling all day long.
  6. While you’re sending things to their home, why not surprise them with free house cleaning? You can contact a local company to schedule and pay for an appointment on their behalf. I don’t care who you are, someone paying to have your house clean is always an appreciated gesture.
  7. Another idea is to purchase and plug in a rapid cell phone charger, just for their phone. This would not only be a gift, but also a thoughtful addition to their comfort at your home during the day.
  8. When it comes to gifts, sticking to items like scarves and gloves or a hat is most appropriate, but you should choose something that complements their style, not yours.
  9. Or, how about a stylish pair of sunglasses? Depending on your budget, this is an area you could splurge on for a special occasion, like your nanny’s birthday or a Holiday gift.
  10. Again, along this same vein of stylish purchases, is a thoughtful piece of jewelry. Something like a monogrammed locket with pictures of the children would be a great holiday or special occasion gift.
  11. For those nannies that are a little more tech-savvy, you could purchase a phone accessory like headphones or a cool, spill-proof cell phone case, if they don’t already have one. This is another area where personalization will go a long way.
  12. Let’s not forget about those nannies that follow the latest trends. Instant cameras, like the Polaroid cameras of the past, are coming back into style. This is another affordable token gift that would be appreciated.

Heartfelt Ways to Thank Nanny

Even though monetary gifts are great ideas, sometimes a gift from the heart is just what is needed to show your nanny they are appreciated.

  1. Why not include them in a family game night? You could set up a night for the family to download together with the nanny’s family as well. This is a good opportunity to get to know a bit more about them and let them know they are appreciated, all at the same time.
  2. In this same vein, why not invite the nanny to stay one night for dinner? After all, nannies get tired too, and maybe having a chance to put up their feet while you cook for them is just the ticket they needed to feel appreciated.
  3. Another thoughtful option is to cook extra the next time you are cooking for the family. Surprise the nanny one night with dinner for their family, from yours.
  4. A great way to show your nanny they are appreciated on their birthday is to host a surprise party at your house. You can include their friends and family and make it a special event indeed.
  5. Also, for their birthday, you could throw a family party. A simple cooked dinner with cake and presents after is a great option to help them celebrate.
  6. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter the most. For nannies that clean as well, helping them with a difficult task could go a long way. It’s as simple as rolling up your sleeves to help tackle the laundry pile together.
  7. Or, if they come in the morning, have breakfast ready for them. Many times, nannies are so busy taking care of the children, that they could forget to take care of their own needs.
  8. And nothing is as simple as a thank-you note, but it is still from the heart and will be appreciated at any time.


Thoughtful Ways to Thank Nanny

Along with the heartfelt ideas to thank Nanny, you also have some thoughtful things to consider as well.

  1. Why not treat the nanny and the kids to lunch one day? Instead of having the nanny fix something, why not order in and save her the time.
  2. Another idea, is to find out what your nanny likes for treats and put aside a special treat jar just for them.
  3. Better yet, why not be a nanny for the day? Surprise your nanny with a role reversal and offer to watch their kids and yours together, while they do what they want for the day.
  4. Another thoughtful idea is to have the kids plant a few succulents together in a pot they’ve picked out and give it as a gift.
  5. If you have a nanny that likes sporting events, concerts, or even the theatre, tickets to any one of these events would be a great way to show they are appreciated.
  6. Another thoughtful option is to buy and set up a special activity you know your kids would love, just to make your nanny’s job a little easier that day.
  7. When it comes to baskets, the options are endless, but why not put together a themed night basket, like movie night or game night, and include all of the “ingredients” needed to make it special.
  8. As far as a nice gift that would be appreciated every day, you can’t go wrong with an insulated mug they can carry that keeps coffee or tea temperature controlled.
  9. A creative and thoughtful gift could be a MasterClass Gift Card that allows your nanny to explore other skills they may be interested in.


How Kids Can Thank Nanny

Here are a few creative ways to get the kids involved in appreciating the nanny.

  1. A handmade note that includes the number of ways the nanny is appreciated, written by the kids, is a great and simple way to bring a smile to your nanny’s face.
  2. If you are crafty, how about working with the kids to make a quilt? This is a great gift and memory for the nanny to enjoy and remember the family when it’s used.
  3. Another easy craft to make, is a necklace or bracelet. Buy a bunch of beads and let the children work together to make a matching set as a present.
  4. A creative way to get the kids involved could be an appreciation scavenger hunt. Have the kids work together to list all the things they love about the nanny, then hide them throughout the house.
  5. Don’t downplay the simple tokens, like a photo frame These are great little gifts that can be filled with pictures of special times with the children and can be made by the children as well.
  6. Along this same vein is the idea to put together a memory book for the nanny. Companies like Snapfish and Shutterfly do a great job of creating a personalized gift like this for you.
  7. Another popular option, easy to make with the kids, is a coupon book. Work with the children to include items they know the nanny would appreciate.
  8. If your nanny is a coffee-lover, a gift basket with specialty coffees and a personalized picture mug from the kids is a great and simple gift to show appreciation.
  9. Now that we’re in the digital age, why not work on an online shout-out to the nanny. This could be in the form of a TikTok dance or a simple Canva digital card that lets them know they are special.



And finally, nothing says “thank you” quite like items that support self-care.

  1. One night, surprise the nanny by bringing home a bath gift box. You could include bath bombs, bath salts, and anything else that promotes a relaxing self-care session.
  2. A great option that any Nanny would love, is a paid day off. Just like a regular job, giving the nanny a paid day to do whatever they want is a great thank you
  3. Better yet, why not hire another nanny for the day, and set up a surprise spa day in-house? You could invite a masseuse and nail technicians, invite some other guests and make it a spa day.
  4. If that is a little extravagant for your taste, you could always pay for a gift package at a local spa. This allows the nanny to enjoy themselves at their leisure.
  5. How about something as simple as giving them a sleep-in day. Either set aside one day a week or just surprise them by giving them one day to arrive later.
  6. Another part of self-care is aromatherapy. A simple gift of a diffuser and oils will help them relax after long days.
  7. In that same vein, candles are just a great staple gift. They are enjoyed by many and are great for any occasion.
  8. If you have a nanny that has a significant other, why not set up a date night for them by making a reservation at a local restaurant on their behalf. Include care for their child, or have a bottle of wine delivered to their table as an added special gesture.
  9. When it comes to subscriptions, few things are more favored than a wine-of-the-month club. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.
  10. Self-care includes skincare, and a gift bag of luxurious skincare items would help any nanny glow with pride.
  11. Another great gift for self-care could be a battery-operated neck massager or even a foot bath. Either of these would help nannies unwind, at their own pace.
  12. Last, but not least, when you take a vacation, why not include the nanny. Not to watch the kids, just to enjoy some self-care on their own.

There are TONS of great gift ideas out there, and hopefully our little listicle here has helped to get your creative juices flowing. No matter what gift ideas you select, your nanny will be happy to know she is such an important and valued part of your family. Happy gifting!!


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