Benefits of Hiring a Live-in Nanny

Most parents are always skeptical about whether they should enroll their kids in a daycare center or hire a nanny or a ...

Most parents are always skeptical about whether they should enroll their kids in a daycare center or hire a nanny or a baby sitter. The responsibility for dropping children off at daycare during a busy routine can be exhausting, and hiring a babysitter comes with lesser academic and professional experience. Therefore, hiring a nanny is your best bet. It's even better if you hire a live-in nanny who possesses adequate knowledge and relevant experience in providing the best of their services as a caregiver.

With the spread of the global pandemic, families are now considering to hire live-in nannies at their homes to keep up with the social distancing measures. Parents would be less concerned about the dangers of the virus while having professional child care services readily available on hand. The benefits of hiring a live-in nanny are evident as we go over them in this article.

What is a Live-In Nanny?

These nannies live with families in their homes and take care of their children. These trained child-care providers often come about with professional experience coupled with academic knowledge on handling kids. From providing additional child-care services to tackling kids and alleviating household pressure for a set period, they provide the ultimate child care solution. This is especially the case during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Benefits of Hiring a Live-in Nanny


Whether you have an emergency or require some extra help with the kids on the weekend, live-in nannies are ideal. Since they live in the same house, they can offer extended hours of care for your children.


Hiring a live-in nanny from a trusted agency will allow you to talk with the nanny to get a clear idea of what to expect. Live-in nannies also ensure you get to spend ample time with them while you're at home and make observations about how well they treat your child.

Not to mention, it's the safest option you can opt for during COVID-19. Hiring a live-in nanny automatically means you are taking appropriate precautionary measures for your child's safety. You can request the nanny to undergo a COVID-19 screening and ask them to practice social distancing when they leave the house. Check the nanny's temperature on arrival and encourage them to use hand sanitizers when they are around your kids.

Professional Services and Child Management

The biggest advantage that hiring a live-in nanny has over other babysitters is that they offer customized and professional caregiver services. They tend to have enough experience and the necessary qualifications to understand your children's social, emotional, and physical needs while nurturing their skills and mindset. You could also look for a nanny that may be well-versed with child psychology and possess the right skills needed to tackle a troubled child delicately.

Hiring a live-in nanny can be super convenient. Not only are they just your employee, but they act as members of the family that help in raising your children in the best way possible. Take a look at The Happiest Nanny to know more about the benefits of hiring a live-in nanny for your children.

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