Fun indoor activities with kids during lockdown



With the lockdown in place, it might get a little perturbing for you to take your child for regular outdoor activities. At this point, a better option would be to endorse indoor activities for kids that they can both enjoy and learn from. 

Here is a list of indoor activities you can engage in with your kids:

Let's start

Paper Boat

Paper Boat is a fun way to indulge your child in seeking h/her inner imagination and creativity. Our childhood was fond of boats floating in the bathtub

The way a boat floats and moves in the water is sure to attract their attention. All you need is a paper (any will do, but A4 will be preferred). You will also need a tub(small, medium, or large, any shall do). Fill the tub with water until it makes it easy for the boat to float, and for the child to see.

How to build a paper boat

The Matching colors game


Set up a cardboard(or any board you have for that matter), and paste a list of colors on it. Once you've done setting the colors set up small similar plastic circles (; you may use something different as long as it serves the purpose.)

Now ask your child to match the colors corresponding to the cardboard colors.

This helps the child build recognition for various colors, and better helps them variate between different colors.


Find and search objects

Pick a list of itemsanything ranging from plastic toys to plastic fruits, and place them on your bed or their playing area. If you're placing the toys on the floor make sure that the floor is clean.Once you've done this now ask your child to find a certain item from the list.

" Can you find an apple from all these things?" or "Can you find an airplane and bring it to me?"

This helps the child better understand what is what and allows them to distinguish between different things.

The Opposites game

Pick and select two items that are visually and/or characteristically opposite to each other, for example, take a big pencil and take another shorter one and ask them which pencil of them is big and vice-versa.

Activities such as these can help children better understand the difference between different core concepts including the difference between big and small



Make a list of different items that are visually and characteristically different from one another and place them on a single plate and prepare a list of different plates each of which contains one of the items from the first cup.

Ask your child to pick an item and place it in its corresponding cup/holder. For example, ask "Can you pick the beans from the first plate and place them into the plate that only has beans ?"

Sorting allows a child to differentiate well between different items. It also helps them remember the names of different items.


Fizzy Colors

Fizzy colors are based on food-colors dipped in synthetic vinegar and splashed over by adding baking soda. The erupting colors become a fun treat to watch for kids.

For this activity, all you require is some baking soda, synthetic villagerpoured roundabout to one-third of the cup size into two to three separate cups( depending on how much fizz you want), and food colors( food colors are optional, however, this colors adds fizz to the eruptions)

Set up the cups, pour in the vinegarand the food colors, and then ask your child to add a teaspoon of baking soda (under supervision) into the cups. Once added, the vinegar and baking soda would react and cause a pretty cool colorful eruption.

Adding different food colors is optional, although, food colors make the eruption look cooler. 

You can also ask your child questions such as " Can you tell me which color eruption the first cup causes? " this would better help them differentiate between different colors.


It generally depends on what your child's mood is when you're engaging them in indoor activities. A better option, in such cases, can be to vary the activities you engage them in. Try different things every day, and see what sticks what they're more attracted to.

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