How to Find a Nanny Job in 2021

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a nanny? Amazing! Nannying can be an amazing job, often coming with great ...

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a nanny? Amazing! Nannying  can be an amazing job, often coming with great benefits, and the gratification of having a positive impact on the lives of others. As with any job involving children, though, you’ll need to meet certain requirements to become a nanny. So how do you find a good nanny job in 2021 and what you should keep in mind as you search?

What Types of Nanny Jobs Are Available?

As the pandemic is winding down, many parents are returning to work. Others are working remotely or running a business from home. In any case, they need compassionate, in-home child care. Kids who have been stuck at home or doing virtual schooling also need enrichment. All these factors mean nanny jobs are now in demand!

Nanny jobs generally come in two types: live-in and live-out. If you are a live-in nanny, you receive room and board. While this may seem like a great deal, be aware that there will be blurred lines between work and your personal life. You’ll likely be “on-call” most of the time. Be sure to define clear responsibilities and set boundaries as needed.

nanny with kids

A live-out nanny works a set schedule in their client’s home. This is often standard working hours (i.e. 9 to 5), but can vary depending on the family’s needs. Some parents may need more help in the evenings when their kids are home from school.

Both live-in and live-out nanny jobs can be seasonal or long-term. If you’re looking for a summer job, many families need a nanny while the kids are out of school. You can also work on a seasonal basis, which is ideal if you don’t spend the whole year in one area.

What Does a Nanny Do?

There is no single definition of nanny. Anyone who provides in-home child care, education or tutoring, or household management could be considered a nanny.

Most nanny jobs involve basic care and enrichment for children. The kids are generally younger, although some families with older kids still need a nanny. You can expect to change diapers, prepare meals, run playtime, and do other basic tasks.

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As a nanny, you may also be asked to provide cleaning and housekeeping services. Some nannies take on a larger role of household management, such as creating chore charts, making meal plans, coordinating schedules, etc. These tasks can be an important part of child care as you’re making sure the home is safe and comfortable for the kids.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which services you provide as a nanny. When searching for jobs, be sure that the family shares your expectations about responsibilities.

How to Interview for a Nanny Job.

Once you’re connected to a potential family, be prepared for them to ask you about your experience. You do not necessarily need prior nannying experience, although some families prefer that. If you’ve done a lot of babysitting or worked at a daycare, you can translate some of those skills into nannying.

Present yourself as a capable and compassionate person who can provide reliable child care (and housekeeping, if applicable). Many families want to hire nannies who know basic first aid and child care. If you have your first-aid certification, let them know! (Check out some other questions you may be asked.)

interviewing as a nanny

Nannies are different from baby sitters in that they’re often expected to provide enrichment and discipline as well. You’ll be considered a regular part of the family, so most parents will want to 2 know how you work with children. Are you good at tutoring them or sparking their creativity? How do you handle bad behavior? Can you de-escalate sibling conflicts? What type of childrearing philosophy do you have? It’s important to make sure you and the parents are on the same page here.

Be sure to discuss compensation as well. Some families want to pay “under the table” or just save the wage discussion until after you start. Get our tips on navigating those conversations.

Ready to Start Looking for a Nanny Job?

If being a nanny sounds like the job for you, it’s time to start looking! Be wary of postings on Craigslist, Facebook, or other platforms. Some of those situations are scammy or even dangerous. Instead, using a veritable nanny-matching service such as Happiest Nanny. It’s much easier to get matched to the right job for you; plus, you’ll rest easy that all families are offering a legitimate, safe nanny position. Head on over to Happiest Nanny and fill out your profile to get started!


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