Why Nannies will Replace Babysitters in the Post-COVID-19 Age

The spread of the Coronavirus disease is affecting millions of people across the world. This population also includes ...

The spread of the Coronavirus disease is affecting millions of people across the world. This population also includes homebound children and affected by quarantines, social distancing, and school closures.

Hundreds of working parents are juggling between the idea of hiring a baby sitter or enrolling their children in a daycare facility. However, safety concerns are preventing parents from taking any steps that they may regret in the future. Both children and adults feel helpless, isolated, bored, and anxious as nobody can predict the future with certainty.

As many states are now listing stay-at-home orders, the U.S. workforce is making a slow return to physical offices. While parents with young children would want to stay home during the pandemic, there will a day come when everything gets ‘back to normal.’

But the question remains; will parents continue sending their children to daycare centers or hire babysitters to take care of their children in their absence?

Why Nannies are the ‘Safer’ Option

Whether you are working from home or your physical office, if you have young children at home, the chances are that you are looking for someone who can provide the best possible care to them. However, allowing babysitters who are not screened for COVID-19 or sending your kids to your local daycare facility can endanger your child’s well-being.

You can never be sure whether the hands that touch your child are washed, or the toys lying on the floor are sanitized. Even when the pandemic ends, the fear of the Coronavirus will continue to haunt us for years to come.

In such a situation, recruiting a private nanny seems to be the best choice for guaranteeing complete safety. That’s because the nanny service you contact makes sure all applicants have undergone screening and do not have any symptoms that indicate the virus's presence.

In addition to that, nannies can adapt to your parenting style, following your instructions and dietary guidelines to provide just the kind of care you want to give to your children. Their experience allows them to teach the best values and maintain a positive environment at home.

Benefits of Hiring a Good Nanny post COVID-19

All professional nanny services recruit screened professionals who do not have any symptoms of the virus. Furthermore, parents can set up rules such as taking temperature every day and asking the nanny to take a day off if they feel there is any threat to their children’s health. That’s one reason why nanny care is the best option for children of all ages, during and even after the pandemic.

Final Thoughts

A good nanny engages your children throughout the day so you can finish your work without any disruptions. Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, keeping a nanny can help you get more done in less time so you can spend quality time with your kids. The Happiest Nanny is happy to provide the best services to both parents and caregivers amidst and after the pandemic. Get in touch to find out more about how a nanny can help you during these challenging times.


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