Why should you hire a nanny?



The world, at this point, is going through an uncertain phase. Covid-19 has spread enormously fast, infecting more than 51.9 million people worldwide—and is still spreading.


Even with the pandemic. Many people are inevitably rising to work again so they can put food on the table, and resume their usual way of life (with precautions). Significant amounts of such people are parents; Parents who need professionals to take care of their kids while they're gone to work.


And For this purpose--and under the given circumstances, parents may consider hiring a professional nanny. Following have been dictated several reasons to why they would do so:



Ease of access 

Nannies are a breeze to hire. Call their company, and they'll send a professional nanny right away. You can also, for this purpose, interview a nanny and see if they fit your requirements.


While there are questions you can ask a nanny that revolve around your own specific needs, there are also questions asked in usual routines such as:


1) How long have been care giving?

2) Prior experience you may have had—or are willing to get—regarding CPR or Baby first aid training?

3) What is your background in education?

4) Are you fluent in languages other than English? If so, would you be able to speak it with children and also teach them how?

5) Are you familiar with the area around my neighborhood/town/city? 

6) Why did you leave your (child care) old job? Any specifics?

7) Do you have any prior experience with children having medical needs?

8) Any experience with dietary food restrictions?

9) Were you responsible for additional duties in your previous job as a nanny? If so, do they coincide with light cleaning or running household errands?


The assurance that someone is home:


Hiring a nanny yields the feeling of someone being home—someone that not only looks after your child but also guards your door. Who knows the person who knocked or called; be it a contractor, maintenance worker, or a friend. A nanny will keep you updated. 


Taking care incase a child gets sick.


If a child gets sick, a nanny takes care of him. If they need emotional assistance, a nanny provides them with a feeling of love and care. If they're prescribed medications or limited to certain food types, or confined to staying indoors, the nanny make sure the kids follow that routine.


Special needs of a child


Children often need extensive help in certain daily aspects of life. And, In the absence of their guardian, the nanny provides that help by giving them the attention they need. In case of an allergy, a nanny gives/prepares them food while adhering to the required precautions. If they need to take medication at a particular time, a nanny ensures that the child gets it on time.



A nanny is well able to adhere to flexible timings and routines. You can expect outstanding assistance for your child when you're away—even on holidays. For specific evenings, upon request, nannies will look after your young ones for the evening. If you're committed to a meeting or stranded in wicked traffic, a nanny will have you covered.


Less hustle to pack everything for a child for his next



If you belong to the working class and you've sent your child to a daycare center, you'll know that preparing for their morning routines can be a challenging task. Hiring a nanny can reduce the hustle, as they take care of your child at your house. Avoid the hectic nights and possible insomnia. And leave for office with a grim of a smile—instead of weary eyes with little to no sleep.


Chipping in other household activities:

A nanny can also chip in other household activities such as cooking food, taking out the trash, cleaning, dusting, and organizing the baby's room. Hence, allowing you to manage the hectic routine of office work while they (the nanny) handle your housework.


A nanny can also take your children to explore outdoors amidst the pandemic, preferably to places not prone to Covid—while adhering to the precautions set by WHO, providing you the comfort of knowing that your child is having fun and engaging in everyday activities—that too, in the presence of an adult.


Helping kids learn new things:

A professional nanny has various important skills under her belt. She can teach your child another language(—so they too can wear the bilingual badge), or help them paint creative art form mere imagination, or teach them to cook and prepare delicious meals at a very young age, along with other sets of skills that can positively impact their character. A professional nanny can also season the personality of a child by helping them exit the shy mindset—(if they have one). 


Carving out a routine


A nanny can arrange that day-to-day routine for your child, allowing them to stay active, on course, and assist them in learning new things and engage in new activities every day, making each day fun and productive.


Nannies, with their everyday engagement, also produce a bond with a child. Helping them to trust their nanny, share their feelings, and be comfortable in their presence while their parents/guardians are away from home. 



Being that team partner:


A nanny is a family's team partner and part of their support system. They'll try and reduce your stress and make life easier and calmer, yielding a better atmosphere in the house. A nanny also provides professional insights.and information about your child's personal development and milestones, allowing you to tackle one weakness at a time and convert the negative aspects of their personality into positive ones. Hence, providing help for consistent improvement in them throughout the years.



Adding stability:

Family life can be a hardworking effort, as generally, there is quite a limited amount of time. As children grow, many parents report becoming taxi drivers providing taxi services in driving their children from one place to another, Be it their day-to-day activities or hobbies, children need stability and routine in their life, and that is why nannies prove to be a suitable choice for this purpose.



Many children yield much better results if only they avoid external pressure on their behalf at school, home, or in their social life.

Children need someone with experience to help them tackle such pressure. Allowing them to be more positive, earn better grades, and convert their focal point upon tasks that need their creative thinking and attention. And this is where an experienced nanny's attention can come in handy.


Regulating Food control 

A nanny can help parents by regulating food control by excluding unhealthy and frequent junk-food from a kid's routine (—along with excluding food that they may be allergic to). Frequent Junk-food can weaken a kid's immune system, add layers of fat, and increase their weight that in-return puts pressure on their bones. Instead, nannies promote food that is not only healthy but also delicious—food that helps them stay active, lean, and more productive. 





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